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Ask me anything   "Have to fight, cause I know
In the end it's worthwhile,
That the pain that I feel slowly fades away.
It will be alright." Pale from Within Temptation!

I am part owner of and of course I LOVE Godric and Allan! This is why I have a lot of Allan and Godric in my profile! I also just got to liking The Big Bang Theory thanks to Sheldon. lol

The new wallpaper is done by me. :D


The missing line

There’s a line missing in this dialogue and IMO it makes a difference. What Godric says is “Det här är inte rätt. Du vet det, men inte din syster. Titta på henne. Rädda henne, min son.” (This is not right. You know it, but your sister doesn’t. Look at her. Save her, my son.) It means that Godric is still guiding Eric and making him snap out of the hallucination of Lilith, something the other vampires seems unable to do. 

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Eric Northman » People who hold a special place in his heart

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TV Meme    ↳ 7 Favourite Friendships - Eric and Godric (True Blood).

TV Meme
    ↳ 7 Favourite Friendships - Eric and Godric (True Blood).

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 Godric. Oh, he was glorious before he lost his way. He loved you the most. Well, now I see why. So Nora risked everything for you, and you’re willing to let us execute her for it.
– What choice do I have?
– There are always choices. Godric gave you one while you bled out on that pyre. Be his companion or die.

Beautifully relevant post is beautiful and relevant

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Eric is asked, not once but twice, to walk through the world with someone special.

Maybe that’s why he caved? Hmm.

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