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Ask me anything   "Have to fight, cause I know
In the end it's worthwhile,
That the pain that I feel slowly fades away.
It will be alright." Pale from Within Temptation!

I am part owner of and of course I LOVE Godric and Allan! This is why I have a lot of Allan and Godric in my profile! I also just got to liking The Big Bang Theory thanks to Sheldon. lol

The new wallpaper is done by me. :D

[Simba:] No one saying do this
[Zazu:] Now when I said that, I—
[Nala:] No one saying be there
[Zazu:] What I meant was…
[Simba:] No one saying stop that
[Zazu:] Look, what you don’t realize…
[Simba and Nala:] No one saying see here
[Zazu:] Now see here!

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