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Ask me anything   "Have to fight, cause I know
In the end it's worthwhile,
That the pain that I feel slowly fades away.
It will be alright." Pale from Within Temptation!

I am part owner of and of course I LOVE Godric and Allan! This is why I have a lot of Allan and Godric in my profile! I also just got to liking The Big Bang Theory thanks to Sheldon. lol

The new wallpaper is done by me. :D

Abby: We raise the kindred. Once it’s dark, we lure the horseman outside and while they battle…

Ichabod: I go in and retrieve Katrina.

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Abbie: Maybe I shouldn’t trust you so much.

Ichabod: NOPE

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Ichabod: Let’s do this incredibly dangerous thing.

Jenny: Don’t do it.

Abbie: Okay, let’s do the incredibly dangerous thing.

Jenny: NO.

Ichabod: Just need to find the body!

Jenny: Goddammit.

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I do not accept goodbye.

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Katrina Crane: Scared or slightly attracted? 

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"Your sins will speak for themselves."

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